Automated Laser Scanning Using a Collaborative Robot


Automated Laser Scanning device to be the first programmable laser scanning system to enable automated 3D scanning, dimensional measurement and dimensional gagging leveraging a collaborative robot platform. Manufacturers are increasingly integrating automated processes is commonly exemplified in the form of robots loading/unloading CNC mills, lathes and so on...More Details

On-site Performance Evaluation and Monitoring of Grid Connected Solar PV PlantSolar PV Plant


Better performance is required in each solar PV plant to utilize the energy and quickly recover the invested money. However, performance should not be deceived by the wrong measurements and sensing hardware. Performance monitoring is significantly affected by the quality of the measurement hardware and the professionalism...More Details

Food packages: Safe, Efficient, Smart and Sustainable


Modern packages think for themselves, remind us, extend shelf life, can be heated at the press of a button and influence our senses with their appearance, odour and feel – and some of them can even speak and Which type of packages in the food sector are capable of today goes far beyond their original purpose of protecting foods.
Packages have to perform numerous feats...More Details

Finding the Right Pumps for Chemical Feed Systems


Work at various nuclear power plants and oil and gas refineries shows considerations that determine equipment for each application and an examination of chemical feed water treatment systems that ASI has delivered to various nuclear power plants. For select multinational corporations and engineering, procurement and construction firms around the globe...More Details

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